March 8, 2022 – Bobuubi Update

Hi everyone! The group of us here at Gamers4Ukraine want to thank all of you for the overwhelming support that you’ve shown Bobuubi and his family during this time, as well as the people of Ukraine.

Since the last update, Bobi and his family have been doing about as well as can be expected. They are as safe as they can be in the village they’re now starting to call home. We have had confirmation that there is nothing left of their previous home to go back to. 

In the last few days, Bobi has had a chance to hop onto Twitch during his shift in the watchtower and catch up with his community. He noted to us that this has been amazing for his mental health after facing all the difficulties that he has had during the last two weeks. 

To date, we have assisted over 20 refugee families in their journeys to safe harbor outside of Ukraine – the largest group to Norway! 

Each family receives a bag of supplies – some bread, cheese, snacks for the journey. Enough to get them through the border queue and to safety without needing to wonder where their next meal will come from. We create these bags from your donations, so thank you all very much!

Unfortunately, the war has started to move closer to Bobi’s current safe location. They were building barricades most of today after finding a number of foreign agents in the region during a sweep of the town the other day. Again, Bobi and his family are safe, but they are also experiencing power and cellular phone service blackouts. 

We are organizing an Amazon wishlist for the village and Bobi’s family as well as directly purchasing items to be taken over the border for them with your donations. If there are specific items you wish to get to them, please reach out by email and we can organize that. 

Thank you all again for your support, and  мир україні!