March 28th Update

We are thankful that Bobi is no longer sick! He suffered a bad cold which left him battling fevers and fatigue for about 4 days, but he is now back to doing what he feels he has been called to do, and that is helping the people of Ukraine.

He and his family were able to drive to a grocery outlet, where they purchased SIX CARTS full of groceries and necessities for the families in the village in which they reside. The picture attached is of Bobi’s trunk filled with the goods they were able to purchase!

Bobi has also returned to streaming when he safely can, and he has been having a great time learning how to play games with others during his live stream! This has been a wonderful discovery for Bobi, as it opens a window back into some semblance of a little normalcy during such a traumatic and horrific time.

Finally, we are extremely thankful that the recent bombings towards Western Ukraine have not affected Bobi and his family!

We continue to thank our members and followers who have been a tremendous support for Bobi and the people of Ukraine. It is because of you all that we have been able to provide much needed help and resources to the citizens of Ukraine. It is greatly appreciated!